Sans Digital TR5UTP 5-Bay RAID Tower

Aron Schatz
October 6, 2010
Sans Digital
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Sans Digital TR5UTP 5-Bay RAID Tower
The TR5UTP offers multiple RAID levels and allows for a 5-bay solution to expand your file storage needs externally. A hot spare feature brings it all together.

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Your fileserver is nearing its limit on storage capacity and you have no more room to add additional internal hard drives. What do you do? External storage sounds like a great option. Regular USB drives just won't work since they aren't redundant. Sans Digital has the solution. They are company that only focuses on external storage solutions. Their latest 5-bay TR5UTP promises to keep your data safe from failure while giving you excellent performance with USB3 and SATA 6GB/s.

About Sans Digital


Sans Digital is a provider of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage solutions. These storage units can be used in home offices, small and medium-sized businesses, video editing, data backup, surveillance systems and many other industries. Sans Digital's products provide great solutions for companies and individuals across the world who need effective and reliable data storage systems.

Technology and Service Differentiation
Sans Digital offers storage products for RAID and bare-bone systems. With technologically advanced products, Sans Digital ensures that the products will meet the customers' needs. By incorporating the latest technology, Sans Digital sets the standard in the storage industry.

Product and Service Innovation
Sans Digital offers products and services that are exclusively unique, which help customers improve their productivity. With over 10 years of experience offering complete storage solutions, Sans Digital's products have come to be distinct with their unmatched technology.

Business Productivity Solutions
Every customer is different and Sans Digital recognizes that one size fits all storage solutions are unlikely to meet everyone's requests. As a result, Sans Digital joined a wide variety of industry leaders to offer storage applications that are specific to various industries. This includes off-the-shelf or fully customized solutions.

Sans Digital's main customers include business and enterprise, government and education, creative professionals, as well as consumer and SOHO, which are reached through our Distributors, System Integrators, Value-Added-Resellers, and Dealers.



Sans Digital uses black packaging with some silver and blue accents for their retail box. There is a sticker on the box that lets you know that a external Serial ATA 6GB/s card is included for use with the TR5UTP.


The back of the packages shows off some supported configurations along with the contents of the box.


images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4229ldp.jpg box.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4230lkp.jpg boxback.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4231l8a.jpg parts.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4232l8p.jpg tr5utp.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4233lya.jpg front.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4234lv5.jpg open1.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4235lpu.jpg open2.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4236l8k.jpg back.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4237lik.jpg bay.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4238l7u.jpg bayhdd.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4239mbn.png r0.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4240max.png r5healthy.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4241mcd.png r5degraded.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/10/05/4242mln.png r5rebuild.png


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